Our Story

Our pets are the quintessential BFFs ❤️. They are loyal to a fault, love us endlessly and, bring joy like nothing else.  
We know this well, since our founders are pet parents themselves with two American Shorthair cats Chloe and Jinx, and a Labrador Retriever named Rory. And if our kid has his way, there's another puppy on the way :)
This inspired us to start CustomPalz - where you can create beautiful personalized products featuring your pals.  These products are ideal gifts for pet moms & dads, special occasions, memorials and anything in between.

At CustomPalz it's in our DNA to create quality products.

  • Our artwork is amazingly realistic with industry standard vector graphics created by experienced digital artists.
  • We use AI (artificial intelligence) software to improve image quality and add artistic attributes.
  • We use industry standard processes for product design and production fulfillment.
  • We strive in providing our customers with the ultimate customer service experience. We want you to be happy!


CustomPalz is based in Columbus, Ohio USA. Our products are sourced from suppliers all around the world and shipped to you with love & care.
We have created over 3000+ personalized products for satisfied pet parents worldwide. Check out what our customers are saying about us.  Join over 30,000+ fans on Instagram !